Working Adults

State Career College offers a variety of support for adults returning to college.

Working Adults

Designed to ease the transition into the classroom for those who are returning to begin or complete a career, acquire marketable skills, or retrain for a new career.

SCC provides various resources to access information and referrals to community services.

State Career College recognizes hard-working adults quite often find themselves entangled in daily work activities during the day and family life activities after working hours. No matter what the professional station, many people have occupations that can be upgraded and enhanced through various career-training options.

If you are a normal working person, or someone fresh out of a career training college, continuing education can be the incentive needed to enrich your life with new knowledge and wisdom that may eventually lead to careers in supervision, management, leadership and entrepreneurship.

SCC Career Training Options to Consider

  1. Enroll in a program that requires part-time study. This may be tough depending on personal lifestyle and financial well-being, but for many, part-time study is a way to maintain the balance in scheduling personal activity, work schedule and school time requirements.
  2. Enroll in a program offering night classes. Night classes would allow you to keep your present job and work towards your educational goal after hours.
  3. Enroll in a program offering day classes. Day classes would allow you to secure a night shift employment without conflicting with your school schedule.

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