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Graduates from State Career College share their experience
about school, and what they’ve been up to since graduating.

SCC Success Stories

Revae Payne

Revae, who is a recent grad, shares how State Career College changed her life. Congrats, Revae on your new career!

Nicole Scianna

Congrats to our beautiful, giving and extremely bright student Nicole for starting her externship next week. We are so proud of her accomplishments and so grateful that we met this little lady with a big heart. Way to go, Nicole. We know you will accomplish amazing things.

Claudia Jimenez

This is what success looks like! Our beautiful graduate  Claudia M Jimenez interviewed with North Shore Health Care System yesterday and guess what, SHE GOT THE JOB!

We are so excited for her as she embarks on her new career as a medical assistant. Not only is Claudia an excellent student but also a single mom who worked her job at Sam’s Club while going to school. She is also the recipient of two scholarships. In spite of transportation issues and other obstacles that came against her, she finished strong. She is a great example of excellence in action.

We love and salute you, Claudia. Everyone, please congratulate her for her hard work and perseverance. #SUCCESSNOTHINGLESS

Willie Mitchell Jr.

We are so excited to say that our amazing graduate Willie Mitchell Jr. is one of our fine lab instructors now. From a chance encounter with Senior Admissions Advisor Kenya Gray while walking down the sidewalk in front of the school to a valued employee of State Career College. #successnothingless

North Chicago Community High School

North Chicago Community High School: We are so grateful for planning such a wonderful day of activities today!  We really appreciate all the time everyone spent providing great learning experiences and academic and career advice.  We learned a lot of great information that can assist us as we make post-secondary choices moving forward.  Below is a brief thank you from each one of us:

T.A : Thank you for having us at SCC! I really enjoyed myself and the activities that were provided. It was a fun learning experience for me. I especially enjoyed finding my blood glucose level and the injection of the oranges. My favorite part was Dr.Vaughn’s motivational speech because she was real with us and very inspiring! Thanks again.

K.B : Thank you SCC for having us. It was really interesting and fun to learn how to use a syringe and new ways on how to take blood pressure. I had the most fun molding my finger which was really interesting. Again, SCC in my opinion is a great college that I will definitely be thinking about attending. Again, thank you for having us.

A.B : Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your wonderful school .You guys did an amazing job and made me feel like apart of the family.I really learned a lot and grew a bond with many of them .They were funny and nice but again Thank you for letting me visit your school and hope to see y’all soon.

A.C : Thank you for having us at your college. It was a very amazing experience & with to come back one day.

J.F : I would like to thank you guys for allowing us to come to your facility and showing us around. It was also fun learning how to give someone a shot and checking the sugar level in blood.

M.F : I would like to thank you for the time you guys gave us, I would also like to thank you guys for been so attentive with us, I still don’t know what career I want to study, but if I decide to be a nurse I will consider going to SCC.

J.H : I would to thank Dr. Michele Vaughn for that talk that really gave me a look into my future to look for a “WHY?”. Dr. Keller made me really laugh with his very random jokes, and I want to thank you guys for the t-shirt I got as a memory of SCC.

S.H : I liked molding my finger. I liked giving an orange a shot. I liked the lunch.🙌 Thank you

A.M : Thank you for having us.I really enjoyed all the the labs we did, I learned how you guys do the teeth mold.

R.R : I want to thank you for having us and demonstrating some of the actives that you teach to your students. It was a wonderful experience and I had a lot of fun learning from you guys. Plus I enjoyed  those cookies at end!

M.R : I want to Thank You for giving us the opportunity to see and visit SCC. I enjoy being there and had a lot of fun.  Thanks to Dr.Vaughn , Dr. Keller, Ms. T, and Mr. Dennis for their attention!!!!

J.S : I really did enjoy the tour of your school. Thank you for making the time for us. I enjoyed the inspirational advice!

V.S : I would like to thank you for having us at your school and taking your time to inform us about the things available at the school.

A.T : I would like to thank you for the wonderful advice and experiences we got to see at your college.  

L.V : Thank you for allowing us in your facility and showing us much love. Everyone was very inspirational!

Z.A : Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to host our visit to SCC. I really enjoyed giving the orange a shot and taking my blood glucose.  I also enjoyed Dr. Vaughn’s speech.  Ms. T and Dr. Keller were also very inspirational.

Mr. H :  Thank you so much for planning this wonderful field trip for our students.  I really appreciate all the time you took out of their busy schedules to share your knowledge and experiences with our students.  I think this can be a really great option for many of our students after NCCHS and   It was a great opportunity for our Healthcare Careers Pathway!  Looking forward to replicating this experience for our rising juniors next year.  

North Chicago Community High School Visiting SCC

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