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  • Practical Nursing – 1380 Clock Hours
  • Medical Assistant – 900 Clock Hours
  • Chairside Assistant – 200 Clock Hours

Textbook Information

Effective Fall 2010 the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) requires all institutions receiving federal financial aid to “publish,” in time for registration, a list of all required and recommended books and other course materials for all classes offered at the institution. This includes all schools—undergraduate, graduate, and professional. The items we must display are:

  • Book title, including edition
  • Book author
  • ISBN number
  • Retail Price

This is an effort to make more transparent the cost of education, as indicated in the following statement from the HEOA:

PURPOSE AND INTENT—This section aims to ensure that students have access to affordable course materials by decreasing costs to students and enhancing transparency and disclosure with respect to the selection, purchase, sale, and use of course materials. It is the intent of this section to encourage all of the involved parties, including faculty, students, administrators, institutions of higher education, bookstores, distributors, and publishers, to work together to identify ways to decrease the cost of college textbooks and supplemental materials for students while supporting the academic freedom of faculty members to select high-quality course materials for the student.        



Retail Cost

Practical Nursing




Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing – Revised Reprint, 6th Edition



Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing – Binder Ready – Revised Reprint, 6th Edition



Book-Organized: Sherpath for Williams Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing, 6th Edition



Basic Geriatric Nursing, 8th Edition



Basic Geriatric Nursing – Binder Ready, 8th Edition



Sherpath for Williams Basic Geriatric Nursing, 8th Edition



Sherpath for Linton Medical-Surgical Nursing, 8th Edition



Medical-Surgical Nursing – Binder Ready, 8th Edition



Medical-Surgical Nursing, 8th Edition



Nursing Care Plans, 10th Edition



The Human Body in Health and Illness, 7th Edition



Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing for Herlihy The Human Body in Health and Illness, 6th Edition



Clayton’s Basic Pharmacology for Nurses, 19th Edition



Clayton’s Basic Pharmacology for Nurses – Binder Ready, 19th Edition



Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing for Clayton’s Basic Pharmacology for Nurses(eCommerce Version), 19th Edition



Mosby’s Drug Guide for Nursing Students with update, 15th Edition



Sherpath for Leifer Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing, 9th Edition



Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing, 9th Edition



Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing – Binder Ready, 9th Edition


Medical Assistant




Book-Organized: Niedzwiecki Kinn’s The Medical Assistant – Sherpath for Medical Assisting, 15th Edition



Kinn’s The Medical Assistant – Binder Ready, 15th Edition



Study Guide and Procedure Checklist Manual for Kinn’s The Medical Assistant, 15th Edition


For students using Title IV funds, the charge for textbooks and kit items can be added to the institution’s charges. Funds for these will be disbursed by the payment period.

The students who use the Title IV option are considered to have authorized the use of Title IV funds to cover the cost of textbooks and kit items and will not have to give written authorization for this purpose only. (Stated in enrollment agreement)

NOTE: The student using Title IV funds (financial aid) only receives Title IV funds if the

The student is making satisfactory progress or is eligible to be placed on financial aid warning or financial aid probation per the SAP policy.

For those students that are on a cash payment plan, a down payment of the total cost (tuition, textbooks, and kit combined) is paid before classes begin and the remaining balance is divided out over the number of months in the program with payment due every month.

The textbook and kit items are non-refundable.

Net Price Calculator

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